Top Golf Destinations of The world

There are several tourism websites which specialize in providing various packages for golf vacation. The golf touring packages are well organised and well planned. The packages of the golf destinations are hassle-free as well. He travel companies which have proper experience in this field never go wrong in this field. The companies can make a customized holiday plan for the clients. Whether it is the United States of America or Europe or Asia, the travel agencies will arrange a great holiday for you. Below are the details of the top golf destinations of the world divided by continents:

The golf vacation in Australia

Australia is not only about sands, kangaroos and the world’s biggest monolith. The continent is also about housing the breakthrough golf courses which can be very surprising for the travellers. A golf vacation in Australia comprises of the luxurious courses under the luxurious resorts and also the public courses which are not that much expensive. One of the most popular courses is the Nullabor Link. It is the longest golf course in the world. Another popular Sanctuary Golf Resort in the South Western Australia. It has a unique setting with lots of undulating fairways, serene lakes, ocean views etc. You can also stay in comfortable and cosy apartments adjoined with beautifully decorated gardens.

Golfing Holiday In Spain

European Golf at Costa del Sol is considered as the most popular golf destinations for golf holidays. The courses at this place are f superior architecture and the place has got suitable climate as well. The golfers can enjoy the happening night life of this curse with great food to taste. The traditional feeling can also be gained by visiting the village of Spain like Ronda. There are some other courses in Spain like the La Cala, Mijas, San Roque, Sotogrande Old and Valderrama.

Golfing in Vitenam

Golf tours in Vietnam create experiences which are really memorable. The courses in Vietnam are dynamic and they are also affordable and safe. The famous persons as well as the commoner can play on the courses, and they can have great fun as well. A tourist can find unlimited choices in luxury hotels and accommodations. They are simple and comfortable. There are over twenty five superior and modern courses to play golf in courses with thirty six holes. The esteemed Van Tri Golf Club and Tam Dao Club are superior courses.

Golfing in Florida

cc Eminent players of the game like Ernie Els, Luke Donald Ian Poulter, Vijay Singh, Tiger Woods, Lee Westwood etc. All live in Florida. The most popular golf courses are TPC Saw grass, Bay hill, Disney World Resort etc. These destinations are extremely affordable and truly convenient to play on.

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The top Golf destinations of Midwest

With the temperatures gradually warming up, it is the ideal time for your golf compass to pint to the Midwest. Some of the finest destinations of Midwest America are featured with so many pleasant and luxurious scenic environments along with affordable itineraries. An individual golfer or a group can very much choose in between the large cities with top notch golf courses or standalone golf ranges in the countryside for a peaceful experience. The value often lies in the fact that the packages offered by the Midwestern American courses are very much affordable but only a few can give you the luxury worth your investment.

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The top golf courses of the Midwest America

  • The Little Traverse Bay at Michigan

Michigan’s capital city, Traverse City houses the Charlevoix Petoskey Harbor Springs. This green wrap of Traverse Bay draws the golfers towards its superior structure of course. For example, the Belvedere club dates back to one hundred years. This course was considered to be the nightmare for eminent players like Tom Watson. With the inauguration of the modern courses in the city, like the four course golf resort of Boyne Highlands, are very much ideal for the golf binges who take the complete advantage of summer days. The Bay Harbor golf course is made up of twenty seven holes.

  • Kohler golf course in Wisconsin

Kohler in Wisconsin has got some of the best golf courses in the world. For example, The golf courses designed by Pete Dye come with unparallel amenities provided by the five started American Club. This premium golf course is the pioneers in laying the path for the other golf courses to follow. Another popular golf course in the area is the straits course which is just next to the Irish course. The Blackwolf Run course is a marvellous piece of course which is rated in twenty. The Erin Hills has a dormitory style accommodating house. The latest courses that popped up city comprises of Sand Valley.

  • The French Lick Golf course in Indiana

You all might have the idea that the Hoosier State is only the home of the corn fields. But once you come across the Dye Course of French Lick, you have to reconsider your point of view because of the fact that this is highest elevated golf course of the city. There is another popular one, the Donald Ross Golf Course. This course has got a massive atrium and the popular one-two punches of the Midwest.

  • The Lake Geneva in Wisconsin

Lake Gene is ninety kilometres away from the city of Chicago. The city is an extremely uninspiring farmland but due to the presence of the hills and forests by the lake, it makes the most ideal golf course of the area. The Highland and the Brute are two most popular courses of the area where one can definitely come across running bunnies, even today. You can also take a tour of the Lake Geneva when you are not playing golf.

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A Thing or Two about Golf Resorts for Golf Vacation

For your next vacation, you can choose t go to the golf resorts situated at Mexico, Europe, Caribbean and the United States of America. If you think that it is a joke, then this is the high time for you to know about the aspects of the golf vacation and the golf resorts that can be the perfect host for your next trip. If you search the internet for the golf vacation resorts, you will get a number of results, in hundreds, situated at every corner of the globe. They offer ample of package deals to suit to your budget. You will also get top class and top notch amenities for your vacation. In fact, when you are busy playing the golf at the resort’s private course, your family can indulge in several other activities for enjoyment. A golf rest is generally located a a place with luxurious and peaceful setting. With so many of their relaxing amenities, you will be able to enjoy your much needed break of your mundane work life.

How to book for the resort?

You can directly book for the accommodation at the resort all by yourself through the internet, or you can take help of the golf travel specialist who will be able to help you out with your vacation’s each and every planning. These specialists can also suggest you with the best golf courses around the world and can also get you tempting discounts for the booking of the airfares as well as the resorts. These golf travel specialists have the job of providing their clients with the deserving comfort and convenience they look out for a proper golf vacation. Once you surrender your requirements to them, you are at the advantage of having the most memorable golfing experience of your life, even along with your family. T proper package of the golf resort covers the following:

  • The airfare details
  • The confirmed list of the Tee times
  • The prepaid tariffs of the Green Fees
  • The accommodation details of the resort
  • The details of the shared cart of 18 holes
  • The details of the rentals of golf equipments
  • The additional lessons
  • The meals for staying at the resort
  • The transfer details of the course
  • The transfer details of the airport
  • The details of all kinds of service charges as well as taxes.

The golf courses of the resorts are well planned. Just like the general golf courses, they are vast expanse of the luscious green with ponds and scenic beauty. Throughout the day, you will experience cool breeze on the course. The fairways are unforgettable. They even provide expert advices and tips for the amateur players. The services of these resorts are top notch and meet the international standard of superior hospitality of the guests. Other than golf, the people can also enjoy other entertaining amenities like karaoke, live band, pool parks and much more.

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How Playing Golf Can Make You Benefited

Golf is a popular game played worldwide. It might not be as common as playing cricket, football or soccer. As Ammar Kattoula rightly says, golf is slowly gaining popularity among other commonly played sports.

Ammar Kattoula

The basic golf equipment is a golf course, golf balls and a golf club. However easy it may seem at first, playing golf in the right way requires proper implementation of techniques and lots of patience. The size of a typical golf course may vary between 30-200 acres. There are a series of holes on a golf course. The golf club is used to hit a ball and make it propel towards a series of holes with the minimum number of strokes. There is no fixed number of players to play golf.

Playing gold can be interesting and exciting. Besides that, like any other sport, it provides many benefits to your body, physically and mentally. Given below are some of the benefits of playing golf.

Physical Benefits

A golf course is larger in size in comparison to the court size of other sports. Covering an entire course roughly spans 5-7 kilometers. It can be a very good exercise for you. The best advantage of playing golf is perhaps the lowest risk of injuries compared to other sports. Several physical benefits of playing golf can be:

  • Improves heart health
  • Helps to lose body weight and fat
  • Increases strength and endurance
  • Improves overall health
  • Strengthens bladder
  • Improves vision
  • Improves brain functioning

Mental Benefits

Playing golf in a golf course involves interaction with nature. According to experts, constant exposure to nature improves mental health and prevents anxiety. Moreover, since it is an outdoor game, it also exposes your body to sunlight to absorb vitamin-D.

It is not just a sport but can also be termed as a recreation and leisure activity. It helps to reduce the stress level of your body. Golf is associated with many physical benefits. Physical exercise, in turn, enhances the oxygen intake capacity of your body and improves your brain functioning. As a result, you will be able to focus much better.

Experts say that golfers add up to five years in their life expectancy compared to non-golfers.

Social and Environmental Benefits

Golf courses add environmental value to your community. It is rare to find a natural setting with greenery these days. Golf courses also give a pleasing sensation.

Golf is a social game. It can either be played with others or can be played alone. In elite circles, it is usually a leisure activity. Playing with others involves interaction among friends and people. It is a very enjoyable as it does not involve intense activity like other sports. You can actually find time to interact with others. You can also find opportunities to meet new people and catch up with your old friends. While playing alone, you can try to improve your each time.

Playing golf can be fun, interesting and exciting. Before you start playing like Ammar Kattoula it is always advised to gather proper information about the rules and regulations of the game. This makes it a pleasant experience.

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The Spanish Golf Course of Costa Del Sol

Golf is a sport which is gradually gaining popularity with the global mass. The sport is considered as the game of the sophisticated class. Initially, only a handful of the people dared to play the game but now, with its soaring popularity, it is gathering a huge number of fans from the world. The game is said to have originated at the Scottish Highlands during the 15 century. Since then, it has extremely undergone so many changes in all these hundred years. Golf is played in golf courses, which are massive and gigantic stretches of luscious greenery and ponds. These courses comprise of many hole and levels where the ball is supposed to be shot inside. Of all the renowned courses, the Spanish courses are considered the most popular. Below are the details of the most famous golf courses of Spain which have been in the bucket list of each and every golf player of the world to play on for at least once in their lifetime:

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The Alhaurin Golf Course at Costa del sol

This course was designed by Severiano Ballesteros. He made it 18+18+9 and par 72 course. This is considered as the most difficult golf courses of Costa del sol, that too, beyond imagination. The first hole is considered to be extremely narrow for the players with the presence of fairways. There are even rocks at the sides of the fairway. As a player progresses in the game, the difficulty becomes harder and harder. Many players have lost their golf balls at this course in hundreds. Myth has that this course compels the players to think about which club to choose for one particular shot.

Ammar Kattouula

The Alcaidesa Links Golf Course

The Alcaidesa golf course is an 18 hole course with 70 par hole course. This course is designed by Allis and Clark. This too is a tricky one in the list of the most difficult golf courses of Spain. The course also harbours extremely beautiful serene sceneries which range from across the bay of Gibraltar to the hilly terrain. The fairways are extremely tight, surrounded by ravines and gorses. The wind that blows over the course is very deceptive and might affect the speed of your game at a great deal.

The Cabopino Golf Course

The Cabopino Golf Course is an 18 hole with 71 par course. This course is a newbie among the existing courses of the Spain. It is extremely well maintained and very quick. Even the marshals are welcoming and friendly. There is a huge driving range just at the approach of the golf course, so that the players can arrive on the ground on time. The Cabopino also has a cool club house, a scenic sun terrace, a god view of the ocean and a tasty restaurant along with a bar. So you see, Cabopino has got everything to cover your game; from the course to the place to celebrate your golfing victory with your friends and family.

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How Golf Gifts can Encourage A Player?

If you want to make a golfer impressed and want to encourage him for playing more then, some gift ideas can help you. The present market is full of different modern gifts that are perfect for the golf players. You need to select some interesting gifts that can make the golf matches more exciting. The players need to know about the updated equipment for playing more matches. They can be gifted some unique and exciting tools that can make their regular practice interesting. Here Ammar Kattoula has highlighted some gaming tools for the golfers available in the modern market.

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Performance tracker   

If you want to encourage the playing skills of the golfers, then you can help them by using the performance tracking device which is new in the technical market. This device helps to track the distance, accuracy and other things of the golfers. The player can check how their skills are improving day by day by using this modern performance tracker device.

Swing analyzer

This is another technical device for the golfers who want to analyze their skills in a better way. They can transmit the information or the 3d images without the wire to their phones. This advanced technology is new and popular in the market for the golfers.

Ammar Kattoula

Head covers

You can also help the golfers to look different in the club by wearing good quality head wears. The perfect appearance can encourage them to spend more time on the field. These head wears are not only good looking, but these can also keep you safe and comfortable on the field.

Golf ball

A good quality golf ball is always encouraging to the golfers. They can become interested in playing with the ball immediately after getting it as a gift. The experienced professional person Ammar Kattoula has told that there are many manufacturing companies that are engaged in producing these balls with different materials. You need to know the efficiency of the player and buy the all accordingly.

Golf watch with GPS

The golfers can be gifted by a modern watch which has the GPS feature to keep the golfers on track in the field. This GPS can save the time and the labor of the players when they don’t find their tracks on the huge size field.

Golf books

You can gift the golfer a book which is related to the tips to play better or on an inspiring personality of the successful golfers. These books can e a real encouragement and entertainment in the lives of the golfers.

These above-mentioned golf gifts are suggested by the expert professional named Ammar Kattoula. He knows how to keep the players charged up and the roles of these unique gifts in the lives of the players. They can be encouraged to be a good quality player y practicing more, and these gifts can help them to get the ultimate result. These advanced gifts can help the golfers to become a passionate one, and they can build up a successful career in this field as well.

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Physical Preparation For The Golf Tournament

Exercises for golf are extremely beneficial for the golfers. The exercises get them ready for the tournaments they are supposed to play for a particular season. The swing drills of the golf exercises can make a player fit for the intensive gaming routine for the game season, and he or she can play the game with utmost efficiency since the very inception of the season. The PGA golf seasons are full fledgedly played worldwide in full swing (pun intended). So, the tournament inspires thousands of the potential golfers to dust off their golf clubs and then get ready to play the game on the luscious green courses. But to get ready to play the game, a much more intense preparation is required; a preparation which involves intense physical training to play the game. It is a matter of common sense that if you try any physical activity for the first time or after a long gap, then you have to be physically strong to endure the impact of the weights. To shrug off the dust, you have to knock off rust of six months at least from your body so that you can play the game efficiently. The process of succeeding at the game begins prior six weeks from the main game of the golf, and it is off the records. You will be able to sense your success only when you are fully prepared to play the game. Yu will be able to sense the positivity inside you when you will be out there to play the game.

Ammar Kattoula

The plan of the fitness for golf contains the certain drill, programs and exercises. These three things will prepare the player for each and every game of the golf, and every level of hardship. The golf programs are much more easy and convenient because they are much easier to be understood by the players. The swing drills will be able to aid the players to improvise on their short game. Drills help in making the swings perfect. For the drills, the player can take aid from the videos and the printed tutorials that are available on the internet and many professional golfing websites. You can also buy certain book for your aid in the drills and practise them because the books and the videos are all created by the professional players and expert coaches of the sport. Every qualified instructor of the game also will provide you with the best tips and advices for the physical activities that will be helpful to build the muscles ideal for retaining the strength in the game.. The fitness plans covers the areas of the swing dills important to build up the balance, flexibility and the strength to carry out the swings with utmost proficiency. If you lack any of the above mentioned qualities, then it will be very difficult for you to play the swing shots and hence you will lack in scoring. It is very important to be physically fit for playing the game.

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How to Get The Best Golf Gifts for Players

Golf is one of the most interesting games that are popular among the players in the modern market. This aristocrat game is loved by many people who want to pass their time in different ways. If you are going to celebrate a party at your friend’s home who also love to play golf then you golf gifts can bring a big smile on his face. The demands of the golf games are increasing day by day. People can also buy any from the lot accordingly. There are many options to buy a perfect golf gift from the modern market, but in this case, you need to keep some points in your mind.

Ammar Kattouula

Golf gifts available in the market

If you are finding golf gifts in the market, then you may get numerous options. You can choose any form the golf gifts to make your closed player happy. There are some options suggested by Ammar Kattoula to help you to select the best gift for the golf players.

  • The golf gloves can help the player to protect their palms from unwanted injury. So it can be a caring and good golf to a golf player. The golf gloves are available in different sizes and materials, and you can pick any from these. You should make it a point that the golf gloves should be long lasting and comfortable on the skin of the players.
  • The golf shoes are also important for the golf players. These shoes have good grip and anti-slippery features that can help them to play safely and smartly. The weight of these shoes should also be comfortable to the players, and they should carry the shoes in a proper way. The shoes of the players have a very important role at the gaming time. The players can avoid the chances of accidents by using these shoes.
  • You can also give the golf lovers a pass of the golf club to enjoy the membership and the matches. These membership cards can be a good idea for gifting the golf players on a special occasion.

According to Ammar Kattoula choosing the high quality golf for a golf player is not that easy you need to keep some points in your mind. You need to know about the reputation of the manufacturing company from where you are going to buy the product. The manufacturing company should have a good reputation in the market and you should be guided by the efficient employees of the company as well. The manufacturing company should have a good stock to impress their clients and the modern golf gifts should be there in the stocks.

Ammar Kattoula

You should gift the players a good quality product that is long lasting, durable and satisfactory to the players. Ammar Kattoula has highlighted these points to make the people understand what they need to keep in mind while going to gift a passionate golf player. Only gifting them may not be enough to satisfy them. These points can help you in this case.

Improve Your Golfing Swings to Score Well on The Course. Here’s how…

There are hundreds of people out there who are always there to advice you with the tips and tricks to play a good game of golf. Now, you may be an amateur, or a professional as well, but the last thing you should do is to follow the advice of any tom, dick or harry to improvise your swinging technics of golf. There are more than 27 million golfers around the world who are playing the sport in a professional or in a causal way. The amateurs or casual players play just to hack around while the professional ones strive to improve their golfing skills and also improve their overall game of golf on the course. Whenever you are at the course, and you visualize your swing, all you want is to land your ball at the hole. Therefore, it is obvious that you have to remaining in full focus. Playing golf, no matter how easy as the task may sound like, the actual game is extremely difficult to be played. You will get the best score only when you play the best swing shot will land the ball accurately on to the target, just like the golf pro Ammar Kattoula. Your focus must be on the swing shot, instead of the golf ball. The game of golf requires tough mental fitness as well as the required fitness of the physique, which is often overlooked by the amateurs. Refer to the tutorials of Ammar Kattoula to learn more.

Ammat Kattoula

Concentrating on playing the best golf swing

You must start practicing by choosing a specific spot on the course and then concentrate to hit the ball perfectly to transport the ball to reach up to the target. It will be immensely difficult in the beginning, but as you practice harder, you will invariably be abler to achieve your targe in just a matter of days or weeks. During the time of hitting the ball with the club, just ensure two things, your muscles, as well as your mind are in a calm state. Short chips, putts can be played without much effort of the body but almost every other shots of the golf are played by using the variants of the full swings of golf. You can also use the basic position of hitchhiker to improvise your backswing. Refer to the tutorials of Ammar Kattoula to learn more about the golf swing. Trust is the main things in this case, which you should have on your golf club. You have to convey or transport that trust into your club so that the club understands your requirements of the best shot and acts accordingly. As the body matures, the body’s ability to rotate the upper torso also improves. Without a pro-per training or practice, the upper torso will not be able to perform much, and chances are there for the body, especially the upper torso to develop unwanted or hindering wounds of the muscles which can take months to get healed before the player can appear on the course for his or her next game. Get a good grip of the club too, to play the game perfectly.

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Top 4 Gadgets That You Need To Gear Up For Golf Season

Golf is the global sport that each and every people of all ages as well as abilities participate in, which frequently involves the short rapture of the intense activity combined with the long times of low-intensity exercise.

ammar kattoula

Whenever an individual intends to play golf, they must be prepared with every golf item. Not only the physical preparation but they also should go for some additional training that will help them playing like a professional such as Ammar Kattoula. Your clubs and shoes are not only the stuff that you need while going to play golf and that is why keeping an eye on the golfing gadgets is important.

  1. The good range finder

Are you a professional golf lover or want to be? Then working on your technique will be quite important. So, have you spent a lot of time on your distance accuracy at a driving range?  Then you have made a mistake. You will not be able to work on the accuracy only at a driving range rather all you require is a good rangefinder. And amongst other range finders, this is one of the best that each and every golfer will love to use. You will be able to see learn the complete accuracy of distance. It helps to see the exact yard of your target with a push of the button.

  1. Golf Swing Shirt

The Golf Swing Shirt is considered as the simple but effectual tool during training yourself to have the proper form as well as hit the ball along with greater consistency. The snug fit shirt helps the golfers to get a comfortable and tight arm so that they can easily hit the ball with great dedication. All in all, by wearing the shirts a golfer will be able to hit the ball hard. Basically, the importance of wearing this shirt is that it creates a comfort in your body and along with that, you can feel as if your arm, chest, and club are in a single unit.

ammar kattoula tanning

  1. The golf sleeves

Golf is a game of winter. Each and every golf players who actually love to play this game always are in search of a good jersey. But no one will agree to play this game in a chilled or frozen weather, and that is why the demand and acceptance of golf sleeves have been increased. Slip the cozy sleeves on your arm so that you can easily keep your arm dry and normal. But if your limbs sense warm then you also have an option of slip off the sleeves and go back to a normal condition.

  1. Swing Analyzer

Golfer like Ammar Kattoula always used to utilize the golf swing analyzer. It is one of the important gadgets amongst others. It helps each and every golfer to count their every small detail like back swing and follow-through.

So, using all those gadgets, you will be able to play these internationally famous sports conveniently. They are well-designed gadgets to assist you in every possible way to play like an expert.